About Us

Our Mission

With the current automated agricultural industry in mind we have developed the newest formulation of crop nutrition. Addressing major issues currently faced with fertigation, bio film, filter clogs, nutrient fallout and high costs associated with premixed bottled nutrients. We worked to create a product that could be recirculated without developing toxic levels of unused nutrients, causing lockout or precipitation. Our goal is to eliminate the need for putting any residual nutrients down the drain and into the sewer systems.

Message from Scott

“I started working on this nutrient project over five years ago. It became a necessity for me three years ago once I realized the need for a higher quality nutrient. We spent over two years in actual field trials developing this formulation in conjunction with our manufacturing partner. We went through multiple test gardens and formulations with the help of a chemist, agronomist and a USDA certified lab in Georgia. We were able to utilize leaf and plant tissue samples as well as water analysis. Our manufacturing partners have been in the agricultural nutrient business since 1935 and are privately owned.” – Scott Reach