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Side by side testing proven to

Amplify your Terpenes!

Our lab tested, concentrated powder formula has proven to increase crop yields, terpenes and even potency. We have done in-house side by side testing against leading competitors for the past two years and found our product to do exactly what we say. Simplify nutrition and amplify terpenes! Rare Dankness Perfecta Nutrients can easily be customized for any growing situations and compatible with all growing medias! This cost effective product line is the perfect solution for any sized grow, from the average home grower to large scale cultivation. Rare Dankness Perfecta Nutrients is available through any HydroFarm retailer.

Amplify your Terpenes!

Hobbyist Growers

Our 4-Part Starer Box is the perfect solution for the home grower! Rare Dankness Perfecta Nutrient line is easy to use and affordable with little to no waste. Read more information on our full nutrient line and starter box now!

Commercial Growers

Rare Dankness Perfecta Nutrient line was designed and tested for large scale application and fertigation. Our Perfecta Nutrient line is available in large quantities to help keep costs down and save money!